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Confiture Parisienne-Antionette Poisson - Grace & Company

Confiture Parisienne-Antionette Poisson


The story behind the recipe

Confiture Parisienne and Antoinette Poisson have joined forces to create an original jam.
Antoinette Poisson was the real name of Madame Pompadour, the favorite of King Louis XV.
For her, Louis XV ordered his finest pastry chefs to make the most flavorful dessert imaginable. At the time, “Puits d’Amour” (well of love, in English) was a cake with the heart of the best jam ever made. It's secret long since has been lost, because today the Puits d’Amour is made with pastry cream. Or it was until Confiture Parisienne unearthed the secret to this marvelous recipe, which hadn’t been updated since Louis XV’s day.

The "Puits d'Amour", a cake within its heart the best jam ever imagined at the time. The secret was forgotten since the Puits d'Amour is made today with custard cream. Forgotten until the secret of this marvelous recipe, never updated since Louis XV, was Confiture Parisienne rediscovered.


Redcurrant, raspberry and violet jelly
250G jar. Total sugar content 57%. Prepared with 60G of fruit for 40G of unrefined cane sugar.

Tasting tips

SWEET: On toast, pancakes, brioche, or cottage cheese.
Product of France