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Prairie Breeze Folk Art Studio - Pull Broom - Grace & Company

Prairie Breeze Folk Art Studio - Pull Broom


Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio is proud to offer the highest quality brooms and home accessories for you to enjoy and use in your home. It is amazing how something so simple can be so beautiful. They believe that harvesting from nature combined with a little creativity can bestow some of the most beautiful items. They are inspired to continue to grow their collections to include products that not only function great but are beautiful discussion pieces. From their family to yours, they put lots of love and careful attention into each item. 

Made in Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada


About the product

This whisk is ideal for surface clean up. Perfect for cleaning debris from desks, table tops or kitchen counters. Plaited with nylon thread and broom corn stocks its handle is sturdy and ideal for gripping.

Care Instructions

Hang or lay broom flat when not in use. Never stand broom on bristles/sweeps as they will bend and be less effective. A dry cloth or your hand can be used to clean the sweeps if needed.