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Tangent GC - Fir Body Wash
Tangent GC - Fir Body Wash
Tangent GC - Fir Body Wash - Grace & Company

Tangent GC - Fir Body Wash


Eco-friendly ingredients with no petroleum bases or synthetic perfumes, only essential oils. They’re also ECO-cert certified, meaning all production processes are environmentally controlled from initial harvest to biodegrading. 

Tangent GC also provides 100% organic personal care including liquid soap, body wash, body moisturizer and hand cream. The products are prepared with natural ingredients only. Pure vegetable oils, lye, pearl ash, cellulose gum, salt and water. No colour, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. Working with a leading perfume house to capture the essence of each naturally occurring scent, they then infuse with a selection of perfume oils