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a blonde woman carrying a better farm co canvas tote bag filled with groceries
a blonde woman carrying a better farm co canvas tote bag filled with groceries
a woman carrying a batter farm co. mesh canvas tote bag over her shoulder in her kitchen
canvas tote bags and mesh produce bags filled with various grocery items spread out on a kitchen counter
woman unpacks her vegetables and other green groceries better farm co tote bag. Photo demonstrates internal pockets for organizing groceries inside the bag.
mesh breathable produce bag filled with bagels laid out and spilling onto a kitchen counter
mesh produce bag sits upright on a counter filled with almonds. clear glass jar of almond milk is next to the bag on the same counter.

The Better Farm Co - Shopping Cotton Bag Set - Starter Size


A thoughtfully designed set for the smaller family and their shopping needs. Ethically made from 100% certified organic cotton with all the essentials. 

Canada’s first complete sustainable shopping set - making grocery shopping better. 

 1 x Farm Totes

Constructed of sturdy canvas and designed with 6 inside pockets with open bottoms you can be sure that your bottles, jars, flowers and veggies will be organized and upright. The perfect Farmers Market friend. 

.This tote will quickly become your best friend with thoughtful design qualities like handles that are wide enough to not dig into your shoulders when the load is heavy.

 1 x Perfect Blend Bags

A modern string top and a sturdy canvas bottom. Nothing is more annoying than veggies poking out of the bottom of your string bag.

5 x Mesh Produce Bags 

The perfect solution to the plastic produce bag.

Each set comes with 5 different sized mesh bags with drawstring closure.Soft and flexible they will carry all your produce, nuts, soaps, bread, herbs.

Each one has its Tare weight printed on the label for easy bulk shopping. 



Certified Organic Cotton ~ Stemming from safer & sustainable farming practices 


Wash in cold and hang or lay flat to dry for best results due to the 100% cotton content of this product

Made in China