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Waterl'eau Body Milk lotion

Waterl'eau - Body Milk 'The Sea'


Extracts of algae, rich in oligo elements, to help moisturize, soothe, protect and restructure the skin.

The Sea: the essence of the ocean, imported to your bathroom

The vast open waters of the earth’s oceans and seas are a bountiful source of enrichment for healthy skin; their intense concentrations of minerals, natural algae and oligo elements nurture the skin and refresh the body with oxygen and essential vitamins that are fundamental for your well-being.  

Import the essence of The Sea to the intimacy of your bathroom with natural ocean minerals that treat and nourish your skin. Breathe in the energizing aroma of this invigorating range and its unmistakable reminder of a fresh sea breeze.

Waterl'eau is a family-owned company based in Antwerp, Belgium. Since 1992, we have delighted in bringing you a diverse range of luxury bath soaps and lotions based on nature’s finest ingredients for an improved bathing experience you are certain to enjoy.