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Birch Cutting Board - Grace & Company

Birch Cutting Board


  • The cutting board is manufactured in Sweden in untreated birch. Wood is a living material that must be handled with care.
  • For durability, a new cutting board should be treated before use. Start by wiping your cutting board with a clean, dry cloth. Then apply a good amount of food-grade oil, we recommend boiled linseed oil or cooking oil. Repeat the treatment several times until the surface feels saturated and no longer absorb oil (about 3-5 times). This treatment should then be made occasionally during the cutting board's entire lifetime to prevent cracking. When the surface starts to feel worn-out after a few years of use, take a fine sandpaper and sand the surface lightly.
  • Do not forget to oil it again afterwards.
  • Washed the cutting board by hand after use.
  • Rinse the board under cold and then hot water. If necessary, use a mild detergent and wipe dry. Never wash it in the dishwasher or leave it in the sink to soak.
  • 13"x 7.25"
  • Made in Sweden by Iris Hantverk