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French Milled Soap
French Milled Soap
French Milled Soap
French Milled Soap
French Milled Soap
French Milled Soap
French Milled Soap

French Milled Soap


No Palm Oil Authentic Savon de Merseille Olive oil
Authentic Savon de Marseille
Lait D'Anesse ( Donkey Milk )on a rope
laundry house hold cleaning
Body Soap
Made and run by real artisan family in Marseille, this soap is produced through a handmade process at many stages.
It is an authentic "Old-fashioned" Marseille soap
"de savon de Marseille "à l'ancienne," made with 100% natural vegetable oils. According to the classic recipe, it contains 72% oils, and it is fragrance-free and dye-free. This soap is suitable for all types of cleaning and is good for delicate clothes that require hand washing. Additionally, its ingredients are of natural origin and completely biodegradable, making it economical and ecological. 

This must-have household soap is perfect for most general cleaning tasks and is also ideal for hand-washing delicate clothing. 

This beautiful soap is made with organic donkey milk sourced from a small French farm, which fits on most wall-mounted holders. With its sweet and light perfume, nutrient-rich donkey milk, and moisturizing organic shea butter, this soap will leave skin feeling super soft. The soap also comes with its rope for bathrooms without wall-mounted holders, Consisting of 95% natural ingredients and not tested on animals, the soaps arrive unwrapped, with no plastic packaging used.Key points • 95% natural ingredients • Nutrient-rich & nourishing • Sweet & light perfume • Biodegradable.

• Made in France •